About us

About us

We are a distribution company, that supplies industrial automation parts. We also stock parts, discontinued by selected manufacturers, enabling customers to optimize expenses related to repairing machinery and equipment. We supply the automotive, electrical engineering, medical, mechanical and plastics processing industries, among others.


We sell all PLC parts from many different distributors. If you buy product, that we have in stock, it will be shipped the same day or the next day after receiving the order. In urgent request, we ship via UPS/DHL express. If you require part that is not available in our warehouse, we will contact you, check our suppliers and come back to you with an answer.


We offer the possibility of repairing, testing and cleaning PLC parts in our service center. We offer competitive product-check prices, one year warranty. To gain more info please contact us in direct message.


We buy industrial automation components, both non-functional and mechanically damaged. If you have parts from e.g. canceled warehouses or any old parts from technology modernization, you can offer us your part using our offer form or writing us an email with photos attached. Based on all data, we will determine the purchase price and prepare an offer for you.

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